If you have a concern for which you would like prayer, please contact Saradelle Mack at (740) 420-9515 or Elaine Fletcher at (740) 983-4493. Your request can be communicated through our automated One-Call system.

Prayer: Lonnie Crum; Kenneth Wade; Naomi Hay; Judy Dixon; John Hook; Sandi Jordan; Bill Chester; Dave and Jo Gloyd; Kaidyn Mack; Jan Hook's brother; Howard King; the family of Eleanor Barr; the family of Sam Pine; the family of Jacob Applegate; the family of Jo Anne Binkley

Ongoing: Elaine Winter; Carter Nance; Ben and Kathleen Hall; Mitch McAlister and family; Bren Blair and family; Mr. Williams; Patty Meves; Jeremiah McAdams; Olga Sherman; Albert Blair; Rick Althaus; Kim Ryder; Seth, Mark and Judy Dixon's grandson; Chuck Orr; Daniel Profit; Bill Pelfrey; Phillip Castle; the Ernst family; Neil Frazier

Military: John Scott; Cormac Kavanaugh; Andrew Elias DeJesus; Nicolas Tarvin; Bo Pope; Cole Mills; Tyler Morey

Other: revival; marriages/families in the church and community; Kairos Ministry; Club Scout Pack 159; Girl Scout Troop 8741; Walnut Outreach